5 Reasons Why Fat Women Are Attractive

Media has an incredible way of programming our perception of what’s beautiful and what’s ugly.  If we look at the various covers of fitness and beauty magazines, we, many times, see the image of skinny, flawless models.  

The idea that you have to be skinny in order to be considered gorgeous has been further perpetuated by social media.  For a lot of the heavyset women out there, it can be hard to feel attractive when you’re constantly bombarded by pictures of thin Instagram models who also happen to have flawless skin.  

If you consider yourself a “bigger” woman, there may have been times in your life, perhaps many, when you felt unattractive or unwanted.  Well, ladies, if you consider yourself “fat,” I’m here to tell you, as a man, that you’re attractive. Below are 5 reasons why fat women are attractive.

1.Too Skinny = Unattractive

You may think that being skinny is the appearance that all men find attractive.  This, however, is a fairly common misconception. Sure, skinny women can be considered attractive, but there comes a point where being too skinny is unattractive.  


Being too skinny, similar to being too fat, simply looks unhealthy.  Whether you’re a man or woman, looking unhealthy is not attractive at all.  When someone is looking to find someone to date, the last thing they want is someone who looks like they haven’t eaten in 30 days.  

Sure, being too fat can imply being unhealthy, but having a little bit of extra meat on your bones will imply that you’re at least getting some food in your body.  It’s hard to be attracted to a malnourished body!

2.Emotional Strength

Physical appearance isn’t everything.  Many guys are attracted to women who have a high level of emotional strength.  Women who consider themselves “fat” have likely undergone a lot of emotional stress in regard to their bodies.

There’s a chance that larger women have undergone a lot of bullying when growing up.  Maybe they’ve experienced a greater amount of pressure from the media than their “skinnier” friends.  Maybe they were never asked out on dates because of their weight. All of these experiences may have given them a kind of emotional strength that their skinnier counterparts haven’t had the opportunity to develop.  

This greater level of resilience has the potential to spill out into other aspects of their life and give them the ability to more easily overcome other challenges in work, school, or relationships.  No matter how big you are, there are many men who would love to date you if you can display emotional strength and an ability to conquer obstacles in life.

3.Curves Are Hot

You may think that skinny girls get all the attention, but you may be surprised how envious they are of you.  A lot of petite women would kill to have the kind of curves that bigger women have. Curves are hot! Lots of men go crazy over a woman’s curves.

No matter how big you think you are, your sexy curves have the potential to completely overshadow your overall weight.  When some men look at your curves, they become completely blind to your overall size and start to pay more attention to your strengths: your curves and more importantly, your personality.  

4.Ambition & Work Ethic

Many people who suffer from some sort of perceived flaw or insecurity will sometimes work very hard to compensate by accelerating their success in another area of life.  Obviously this is not the case for all women of a larger size, but this same concept can be applied.

Some women may feel very insecure about their weight and body.  Because of this, they may choose to excel in other areas of life like their academics, career, finances, spirituality, hobbies, and even in certain sports.  This heightened level of passion, work ethic, and ambition in other areas of life is more than enough to override one’s weight. Many men love women with ambition and a strong work ethic.  

Many men could care less about your weight.  Many men could care less about what size pants you wear.  Many men could care less about how beautiful your face is.  Many men could care less about physical appearance. Many men love women with drive and determination.  Your talents, skills, and character are enough to capture the heart of any man!

5.Some Guys Just Love Bigger Women!

Yup, you read that correct.  Some men simply love bigger, thicker women.  Everyone has their own preference, and many men simply prefer larger women.  It’s hard to explain in logical words, but some men are simply more physically attracted to fatter women than they are skinnier women.  

Maybe you’re a bigger woman and it seems like all the guys you’ve interacted with are not attracted to you.  Maybe it seems as though guys are only attracted to the skinnier, model-type girls. Well, the good news is that your personal experience is not always reality.  If you put yourself in a position to interact with enough men, you’ll find that many men absolutely love fat woman, and some are even borderline-obsessed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 5 reasons why fat women are attractive.  Whether you’re a male or female reading this article, I hope this has broadened your perspective a bit.  If it’s of any value to you, as a man, I’ve met many larger women who I found incredibly attractive.

Perhaps it was their ability to display their beautiful curves that attracted me.  Perhaps it was their work ethic and ambition. Perhaps it was their personality and emotional strength.  If you identify as a “fatter woman” please understand that many of us, as cliché as it sounds, believe that you’re beautiful in your own, unique way.  

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My name is David Hoang. I’m the owner of SupplementSuperhero.com, where we talk about a variety of health topics mainly centered around weight loss, supplement reviews, and concepts to help you get the kind of health and body you desire!  

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